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Karen Antunes


I'm a Uruguayan girl who really loves drinking mate while editing.

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Latest Releases  |  Watch All 
Latest Releases  |  Watch All 
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About me

I became a film editor after almost getting my architecture degree. That major gave me the privilege to travel around the globe and that trip made my eyes open wide to a whole new world. 

So, in the blink of an eye, I swapped my hard drive and started from scratch. New project, new sequence and new footage to start cutting my life. 

In the transition I had to make difficult choices, I had to select my best moments, cut them, trim them and save them because I was overlapping my life between two countries. 

I was born in Uruguay where I had a beautiful childhood and youth but right now my life is in Mexico City, tomorrow I don't know... 

Because the editing process never ends!

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About me
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