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El Son Del Chile Frito

Director:  Gonzalo Ferrari

Sony Music  |  2019

1h 1 min   |   México

Through the narration of Lila Downs, renowned artist from the Mixtec zone of Oaxaca, holder of an honorary doctorate from DePaul University in Chicago and a degree in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota) we will know the origins of all these customs and traditions, we will find the flavor of cooking mole, the richness of the agave, the strength of the chocolate, the different rhythms of the area, the courage of the Muxe, the transmission of knowledge between generations, the celebration of life, the pain of losing a loved one and the union of an entire community after losing everything in an earthquake. "El Son Del Chile Frito" is an invitation to visit the homes of the people in the region, who with their passion for their work have preserved the richness of their roots and their traditions. Each of these characters tells us an extraordinary story that allows us to see that Mexico as we may not know, but with a latent heart that we will never see die.

Lila Downs - Documental - El Son del Chile Frito
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